Activate and Use Chase Freedom for Q3 Bonus

We’ve crossed over into July which means the new bonus categories for the Chase Freedom card are now in effect.

Be sure you’ve both activated and are using your Chase Freedom card for all gas and streaming purchases through the end of September.

Cardholders need to activate by clicking here.

Cardholders will earn 5x the amount of points at gas stations and online streaming services stores up to $1,500 from July through September.

Chase lists streaming services to include Apple Music, Hulu, Netflix, Pandora, SiriusXM, Sling, Spotify, Vudu, but I imagine this will also include non-listed services like YouTube TV.

How to max out the category

When the quarterly categories are grocery stores, you should always be maxing out the quarterly $1,500 limit. This will net you 7,500 Ultimate Rewards.

If don’t typically spend $1,500 over three months at the gas station or streaming services, you still have an option: gift cards.

Some gas stations do sell gift cards that you could purchase this month to use for other services or in later months. You’re essentially pre-paying for your groceries or restaurants, but instead of earning 1.5x points (if you have the Freedom Unlimited card), you’re essentially earning 5x points.

You should only be buying gift cards at places you already were planning to spend money at.

Final Thoughts

The Chase Freedom card is one of my favorite because it allows for 5x bonus points on different items throughout the year. For someone who isn’t a big spender, it’s a great way to rack up some extra Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Don’t have the Chase Freedom card? You should consider adding it to your wallet. It’s a great no-annual-fee card that will help your credit score by leaving it open and your earning potential is even more when you have the Chase Trifecta.

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