Activate Q2 Chase Freedom Bonus Categories

by John Terry | Last Updated:  April 21, 2020

A new year has started, so it’s also time to activate the Chase Freedom bonus categories for the beginning of 2020. The categories are grocery stores, select streaming services, and gym membership and fitness clubs.

Chase Freedom is one of the best credit cards for specific bonus categories.

Cardholders will earn 5% cashback (or 5x Ultimate Rewards) at grocery stores, on select streaming services and gym memberships and fitness clubs up to $1,500 from April through the end of June.

When cardholders pair the Freedom card with an Ultimate Rewards earning card such as a Chase Sapphire, cardholders can turn the cash back into Ultimate Rewards.

The Chase Freedom card is a great card for everyday people to earn points because of the quarterly 5 Ultimate Reward bonus points. The card, part of the Chase Trifecta, is one of the easiest ways to earn a lot of points quickly.

The grocery store category is one of my favorites as many people have the majority of their expenses buying food. If you haven’t reached the $1,500 limit for the Chase Freedom bonus categories by the end of the month, it could be worth buying gift cards for grocery purchases in future months.

With COVID-19 causing many to stay indoors, streaming services have seen an uptick in interest. Be sure to switch your Netflix, HBO Go, or Hulu to your Chase Freedom card.

Eligible merchants

Knowing what merchants count and don’t count toward potential bonus categories is important. Thankfully, Chase has a pretty good list of what is eligible and what isn’t eligible. You can find that whole list here.

Grocery Stores: Almost any grocery store is eligible. However, the following are notable exclusions: grocery store fuel, warehouse stores, truck stops.

Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, Sling, Vudu, Fubo TV, Apple Music, SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube, ESPN+

Breakdown: Chase Freedom bonus categories

Chase Freedom bonus categories

Activating Chase Freedom bonus categories

Before earning 5% bonus, you must activate the offer with Chase.

  1. Must activate your card with Chase.
  2. Enter your last name, last four digits of your card number and your billing zip code. 
  3. Click “Activate Now” to start earning 5 percent cashback

How to Check Your Chase Credit Card Category Bonus Spend

With Chase having a $1,500 limit on the Chase Freedom bonus categories each quarter, it also allows cardholders to track the quarterly spending.

After opening your Chase account, head to the dashboard to see your quarterly spending.

The Chase Freedom bonus categories can be tracked on a quarterly basis.

The Chase Trifecta

The Chase Trifecta is an important and powerful key to earning Chase Ultimate Rewards. Pairing the Freedom with a Chase Sapphire (Preferred or Reserve) card and one or both of the Freedom or Freedom Unlimited Card is even more powerful.

The Freedom (5x on quarterly rotating categories) and Freedom Unlimited (1.5x on every purchase) are both cash-back cards. However, when a cardholder has a Chase Sapphire card, the cashback credits can transfer to become Ultimate Rewards.

Chase Ultimate Rewards are our favorite type of transferable points because of its 13 transfer partners. In fact, Chase Ultimate Rewards is how I booked a honeymoon for free to Jamaica.

Final Thoughts

I’ve always tried to take maximum advantage of the 5x bonus categories. When the Chase Freedom bonus categories were revealed, I was a little disappointed because I have a short commute (and don’t spend a ton on gas) and cut the cord with cable last year.

Regardless, the Chase Freedom bonus categories still have the potential to earn a good number of Chase Ultimate Rewards. And, because I value Chase Ultimate Rewards so highly, this is always a promotion that I focus on maximizing.