Chase Freedom Unlimited Review

by John Terry | Last Updated:  February 25, 2019

The Chase Freedom Unlimited Card is a great way to earn Ultimate Rewards. Not only is it powerful when paired with a Chase Sapphire card, but it’s also a great starter card for anyone just getting into collecting points and miles!

The Important Stuff

Who should get this card?

Someone who…

The Details


If you’re just getting into the points and miles game, the Chase Freedom Unlimited card is a great starter card. Start accruing those points using the 1.5x bonus on every dollar! When the time comes and you want to open up one of the Sapphire cards, you will still be able to transfer everything over from cash back to Ultimate Rewards.

If you have the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserved card, it’s a no brainer to get the Chase Freedom Unlimited. Not only will you be one step closer to holding the Chase Trifecta. I’m always a fan of valuable cards that don’t have an annual fee. It might sound obvious, but I can keep this card forever, increasing my average age of credit which will improve my overall credit score.

Because of it’s 1.5% return, this is my go-to non-bonus spend on a daily basis. If you’re want the highest cash back option, the Citi Double Cash Back card is your best option. However, since you’re visiting our site, we’re assuming your ultimate goals are travel related! The one major negative for this card, though, is that it does carry a foreign transaction fee. This isn’t a card you’re going to want to use outside the United States.

How to earn and redeem

As we mentioned above, the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card is a cash-back card. Only when it is paired with the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserved can you earn Ultimate Rewards. This card is best used for everyday spend since you are earning 1.5% back on everything.

The Chase Trifecta

We have an entire article on the Chase Trifecta. Pairing the Freedom Unlimited with the Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve. one of or both of the Freedom or Freedom Unlimited Card is even more powerful. The Freedom (5x on quarterly rotating categories) and Freedom Unlimited (1.5x on every purchase) are both cash-back cards earning cash back instead of points. However, when a cardholder has the Sapphire Preferred card, the cash back credits can be transferred to become Ultimate Rewards.

Final Thoughts

This card isn’t anything flashy, but it gets the job done when it comes to travel rewards. Because it doesn’t carry an annual fee, you will get value out of it. Not only is it a great starter card, but it can also be the solid foundation in anyone’s wallet when paired with the Sapphire Preferred or Reserve.