How to Book the Alaska Air Companion Fare

The Alaska Air Companion Fare is an easy way for people to save money. However, understanding how to book the companion fare is important.

Earning the companion fare through the Alaska Air Visa Signature Card is without a double my favorite airline credit card perk, but might also be my favorite perk for all credit cards. Period. The best part is that it’s not hard to use!

The companion fare is a discounted ticket when flying with two people. For the price of one ticket, the companion fare typically costs an additional $99 plus taxes and fees.

While the annual fee of this card is $75, the value of the money saved from the companion fare ticket once per year easily makes up the value of the annual fee.

We will go through what you need to do in order to book your companion fare.

1. Sign into your account and go to your account page. Click the VALID button under Discount and companion fare codes.

2. Click on the SHOP button. Note that this screen also shows when your companion fare expires. You must book your flight by this time.

Cardholders can find the discount code for the Alaska Air companion fare in the discount code section of their Alaska Air account.

3. You will see your discount code show up in the box on the bottom right. From here, just search your flights like you regularly would.

Booking the Alaska Air Companion Fare is very similar to booking a regular flight.

4. This page will look a little different, but simply click the flights you want to purchase.

The number listed below (i.e +^68) is the extra amount added for the Alaska Air Companion Fare.

5. Purchase the flights! The price for one person is $396.59. So, the companion pass would save $261.56 if I were to buy this.

Booking the companion fare is very similar to booking a regular flight – just an extra step at the beginning! There are no blackout dates, so if two seats are available on the flights, you will have the option to purchase.

Final Thoughts: How to Book the Alaska Air Companion Fare

If you have any additional questions about the Alaska Air Companion Fare, be sure to check out our full article about it or shoot us a note about it.

We’ve used our Alaska Air Companion Fare to visit Hawaii, Puerto Vallarta and Boston in the last few years!

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