Earn 500 Ultimate Rewards for contactless payment

Don’t delete what you think might be a spam email. Chase has sent out targeted emails to cardholders offering 500 Chase Ultimate Rewards for three purchases.

Between November 20 and December 31, targeted cardholders can earn 500 Chase Ultimate Rewards after three contactless payments of at least $1.75. No enrollment is needed.

While it’s just 500 points, Ultimate Rewards are some of our favorite transferable point currencies. When redeeming on the Chase Travel Portal, if you have the Chase Sapphire Reserve card, these 500 points are worth $7.50 towards free travel (1.5 cents per point).

The Details

It seems as if different cards are being targeted. My Chase Ink Cash card was targeted, while my wife’s Chase Freedom Unlimited card was targeted.

Cardholders will need to use the targeted card in order to get 500 bonus points. Even if you just had three purchases of 1.75 totaling $5.25, you would be profiting $2.25 off of it.

Now, it’s not worth the trouble of that for $2.25 toward free travel, but there’s no reason to not take advantage of this targeted offer.

Getting a Contactless Card

This is also a good opportunity to make sure all of your Chase credit cards have the contactless feature. You will know if its a contactless card if there’s a small wifi signal on it (see picture to the right).

When I got this email for my Chase Ink Cash card, I realized that my Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited were not contactless. Thankfully, it’s super easy to request a new contactless card.

  1. Simply log onto your Chase account and click your card.
  2. Go to where it says “Things you can do”
  3. Select “Replaced a Lost or Damaged Card”
  4. Make sure the correct card is selected and then, for the reason, select, “My current card needs to be reissued.”

Final Thoughts

I love when credit cards do promotions like this. It rewards folks who pay attention to their emails and not just those who spend thousands of dollars. This is a great promotion for everyday people.

Chase Ultimate Rewards are such a great point currency. It’s easy to earn them thanks to the Chase Trifecta and there are so many different redemption options. You can redeem them for flights or for hotels, just like I did for my honeymoon!

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