Southwest flights to Hawaii start at just $49. Act fast.

We wrote earlier this week about Southwest’s plan to launch flights to Hawaii. The airline put a handful of the flights on sale this morning for extremely low prices.

Southwest released cheap fares for its new flights to Hawaii.
Southwest released cheap fares for its new flights to Hawaii. Photo owned by Southwest Airlines.

Flights will begin on March 17 between Oakland and Honolulu.

Southwest will then roll out flights between Oakland and Maui (April 7), San Jose to Honolulu (May 5), San Jose to Maui (May 26) later this month. Inter-island flights between Honolulu and Kona and Honolulu and Maui will begin May 12.

Now for the good part: the cheap fares.

These flights are crazy cheap. I’ve been able to find $49 fares between Oakland and Honolulu. There seems to be plenty of one-way options under $100. Roundtrip to Hawaii from the west coast for less than $200 is almost unheard of.

These flights are also super cheap with points – just 2,000-4,000 dependent on the fare. If you don’t have Southwest RapidsRewards points, you can transfer them from your Chase account through cards like the Chase Sapphire Preferred and Chase Sapphire Reserve.

I imagine there is going to be limited inventory for these cheap Hawaii fares, so book quickly. Remember, you have 24 hours to cancel the reservation and get a refund. And with Southwest, you can cancel at anytime and get a credit for a future flight within a calendar year.

Southwest initially announced back in 2017 its intentions to fly to Hawaii, however the partial government shutdown delayed the plan to start selling tickets in 2018. The FAA had to approve the airline’s ability to fly over water for an extended period of time.

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