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Over the last five years, I’ve become addicted to the miles and points game motivated by cheap vacations and getting value out of credit cards and mileage programs. I’ve taken vacations that I wouldn’t have been able to afford all thanks to dedicating a little time to make sure I was maximizing the right credit cards.

I’ve read countless blogs and websites dedicated to credit cards, loyalty programs, and traveling in first class across the globe. In fact, these sites actually motivated me to get into the game.

But, they also motivated me to start this website. While they may be great for many people, many of the other sites aren’t focused on the type of person I am.

I don’t…

  • spend tens of thousands of dollars every month racking up an insane amount of points
  • mysteriously have hundreds of thousands of points to redeem for first class flight everywhere
  • travel nonstop from work allowing me to rack up nights in hotels or miles on airlines
  • have a job that pays me six-figures
  • manufacture spend to get miles
  • churn credit card sign-up bonuses
  • have unlimited vacation time to travel the globe (although it sounds great!)

And while there’s nothing wrong with being someone who can relate with the above bullets, I wanted to show there’s another way to get involved with the points and miles game. I simply use my credit cards strategically, spend within my means, and aim to take at least one very nice vacation a year using miles and or points!

This website won’t have tons of reviews of first class cabins or talk about suite upgrades every time we stay in a hotel – but it will reflect the observations of an everyday person trying to redeem points and miles.

So what are we trying to do?

We didn’t want to create another site that flaunted weekly reviews of the latest first class product. Reading articles about hotel rental car promotions also isn’t great reading material for me either. I’m not able to travel enough to take advantage of those.  

My hope is that this site accomplishes the following:

  • Inspires readers to take advantage of credit cards and loyalty programs to make travel dreams a reality
  • Think before you spend! If every purchase is maximized, your points and miles will add up much quicker.
  • Ensure you’re getting value out of your credit cards and that your wallet couldn’t be more powerful
  • Bring you strategies for getting great deals on flights and travel

Unfortunately, this isn’t my day job. I’m not quitting to write. But I spend enough times researching this subject, and I thought I would put it to good use.

If you’re new to this, I would suggest checking out our points and miles beginners guide. Or, if you want to jump straight to a fun story, check out how I booked my honeymoon completely with points and miles or why I think the Alaska Airlines Companion Fare is one of the best deals for everyday travelers.

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