Chase Trifecta: The Quickest Way to Earn Chase Ultimate Rewards

The Chase Trifecta is the quiest way to earn Chase Ultimate Rewards. By taking advantage of different earning bonuses, everyday people can focus the earning with one transferrable point currency.

In our Beginner’s Guide, we said the most important part of earning points and miles for the everyday person is through your credit cards. Being smart about which credit cards are in your wallet is crucial to earning points and miles towards free travel.

The Chase Trifecta

The goal of the Chase Trifecta is to use a set of credit cards to earn the same type of transferrable point. There are many different variations of the Chase Trifecta, but the one we like has just one annual fee.

With the Chase Trifecta, no purchase will earn less than 1.5 points. All travel and restaurant purchases should be put on the Sapphire Reserve. All purchases that involve the rotating category bonus should be put on the Chase Freedom. And everything else should be put on the Chase Freedom Unlimited.

Quarter, YearChase Freedom Bonus Categories
Q1 2020 (Jan. 1 - March 31)Gas stations, streaming services and internet, cable and phone services
Q2 2020 (April 1 - June 30)TBD
Q3 2020 (July 1 - Sept. 30)TBD
Q4 2020 (Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)TBD
Q1 2019 (Jan. 1 - March 31)Gas stations, tolls and drugstores
Q2 2019 (April 1 - June 30)Home improvement stores and grocery stores
Q3 2019 (July 1 - Sept. 30)Gas stations and streaming services
Q4 2019 (Oct. 1 - Dec. 31)Department stores, PayPal and Chase Pay

All of these cards are on our list of best credit cards for each bonus category.

Other Chase Trifecta Options

There isn’t a set Chase Trifecta – there a definitely other options depending on where you spend the majority of your money. And nothing says you couldn’t have the Chase Quadfecta. For example, I also hold the Ink Business Cash card which I use solely for gas purchases.

  • Sapphire Preferred – Earns 2x on restaurants and travel. Annual fee of $95. Would be a good replacement to the Sapphire Reserve.
  • Ink Business Preferred – Earns 3x on travel, shipping purchases, internet/cable/phone services, advertising purchases with search engines and social media sites. Annual fee of $95.
  • Ink Business Cash – Earns 5x at office supplies stores, internet, cable, and phone services. Earns 2x on gas stations and restaurants. No annual fee.

Do remember that Chase has the 5/24 rule that limits the number of credit cards that can be opened within a 24 month period.

While the Chase Freedom, Freedom Unlimited and Business Cash cards are typically cash-back cards, when paired with a Sapphire Preferred or Sapphire Reserve, the cash-back can be converted into Chase Ultimate Rewards.

Current Sign-up Bonuses

The other great thing about the Chase Trifecta we listed above is that only one card carries an annual fee. The Chase Sapphire Reserve ($450) or the Chase Sapphire Preferred ($95), but both the Freedom and Freedom Unlimited have no annual fee.

Currently, the Sapphire Reserve has a sign-up bonus of 50,000 points after spending $4,000 in three months. Similarly, the Sapphire Preferred has a sign-up bonus of 60,000 points after spending $4,000 in three months.

The Chase Freedom and Freedom Unlimited card are running $200 promotions (the equivalent of 20,000 points) after spending only $500 in three months.

Final Thoughts

The Chase Trifecta has been responsible for many of my trips including my recent honeymoon to Jamaica. Moreso, there are many options to redeem Chase Ultimate Rewards for top value.

Finding a way to earn maximum bonuses is important when you’re not spending hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. No annual fee cards make up the majority of these cards making it even better.

The Chase Trifecta should be on the radar of everyone wanting to earn points and miles for free travel.

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