Using Dosh to Book Hotels

by John Terry | Last Updated:  June 13, 2020

I was skeptical about using Dosh to book hotels, but the cashback app is a great way to save money on hotel bookings. I’ve used Dosh twice saved more than $60 on hotels.

What is Dosh?

Dosh is a cashback app that allows users to add credit cards and earn cashback based on purchases at stores and restaurants. While it makes no sense to not add your cards to Dosh, I haven’t found a ton of great value. On a few occasions, I’ll get notifications that I earned cashback through Dosh by stopping at a store. But, it’s typically on accident!

The cashback will just appear in your account if you use a linked card at a Dosh establishment. There are also some online stores.

However, the main feature worth highlighting from Dosh is the hotel booking feature. It acts as a third-party booking agent for hotels all around the World. Using Dosh to book hotels is similar to using an Expedia or The rates are typically pretty competitive, but Dosh will also give cardholders cashback.

When using Dosh to book hotels, a map view will show all the possible hotels and the cash back.
When using Dosh to book hotels, a map view will show all the possible hotels and the cashback.

Booking hotels with Dosh

I’ve stayed at hotels using Dosh twice. Using Dosh to book hotels is a great way to save money. Not only will users earn cashback on each stay, but first-time users typically get a range from $20 to $30 in additional cashback.

When using Dosh to book hotels, travelers can earn cashback off the room rate.
When using Dosh to book hotels, travelers can earn cashback off the room rate.

My first stay was at a Holiday Inn Express & Suites in Park City. The rate breakdown was:

The rates on IHG for this hotel was $108.00 but with the same taxes and fees. As you can see, I saved more than $20 off of what the property would’ve charged me.

The second time I used Dosh was with my brother. We were looking for a hotel west of Denver in order to get up to Keystone Resort for an early morning of skiing the following day.

Coincidentally, this stay was also at a Holiday Inn Express & Suites. The rate breakdown was:

Even more savings! Even if you just use Dosh once to take advantage of the new-user bonus, it’s worth it.

While both of these examples have a lower figure of cashback, there are definitely higher cashback rates for nicer, more expensive hotels.

How to book hotels using Dosh

  1. Once you download the Dosh app (you should use our referral link!) and create a username, click the “Hotels” tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Similar to other sites, enter the location and dates that you need a hotel.
  3. The results will populate in a list and automatically filtered to have the “best deal” first. You can filter a few different ways:
    • $-$$$
    • $$$-$
    • Most Cash Back
    • Cash Back as % of nightly rate (default)
    • Distance to City Center
    • Star Level and Amenities
  4. The other option is to look at the map view. You will find that option in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. I find this the easiest way to find hotels.
  5. Simply click the property you want to reserve, enter your credit card information, and reserve the hotel. These are non-refundable rates so keep that in mind in case you think you might need to cancel.
  6. You will receive a Dosh confirmation number. You should receive a hotel confirmation number before your stay as well.

Know the restrictions of Dosh (and other third-party sites)

There are a couple of things to be aware of when using a third-party like Dosh to book hotels.

  1. You will not earn points for staying at hotels when using third-party sites. Even though using Dosh to book hotels will save money, you will miss out on earning extra points towards future stays.
  2. Stays will not count toward elite status. You can always ask the front desk agent if they will add your number, and maybe you will get lucky. But, don’t count on it!
  3. Similarly, you also won’t get any elite benefits. You’re not going to get the room upgrade, the welcome gift or even the free breakfast (for hotels that give elites free breakfast).
  4. When using Dosh to book hotels, the rate is non-refundable. Be sure you are going to take the trip before booking.
  5. Make sure the hotel doesn’t accidentally charge the credit card you put on file for incidentals. After my stay in Park City, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites charged my Chase Sapphire Reserve card. Dosh wanted me to send and scan in credit card statements, however, I just called the hotel and they took care of it for me (and apologized for their error).

Many hotel credit cards will give some sort of elite status, but the potential value of a room upgrade doesn’t outweigh the savings when using Dosh to book hotels.

When using Dosh to book hotels, travelers can transfer money once they reach the $25 threshold.
When using Dosh to book hotels, travelers can transfer money once they reach the $25 threshold.

Getting your Dosh cashback

The cashback you earn, both through using Dosh to book hotels and other shopping, will show up as pending as soon as your book your hotel. It will take 30 days after your stay for the balance to post to your account. Once it posts, it’s easy to transfer to your bank account or PayPal.

In order to take out money, you must have a minimum balance of $25. The transfer will take 3-5 days to transfer.

Earn more cashback through referrals

Dosh users can also earn additional cashback by referring to friends and family. The referral bonus varies, but it’s typically $5 per referral.

If you’re feeling nice, you can use our referral link or the code “JOHNT151” if you would like to support the site.

Final Thoughts: Using Dosh to book hotels

If you’re going to use a third-party to book a hotel, you should really consider using Dosh. Especially if you’re a first time user, the potential cashback is quite lucrative.

Even if you haven’t used third-party sites before, as long as you’re not getting a ton of value from elite benefits, you should give Dosh a try. You get the same room, the same service, and the same bed.